Aliens Among Us – Top Alien Invasion Movies on Satellite TV

Dorian Whitmore

Aliens have always played a significant role in the movies; most of time, these creatures from outer space have been less than friendly. In the world of movies, what more could you want than ugly, green, space creatures coming to attack we the good people of Earth? It’s an excellent set up that leads to lots of thrills and chills. Here are some of the top alien invasion movies of all time-check your satellite TV guide for show times.

War of the Worlds: There’s the modern version starring Tom Cruise, and then you’ve got the original from 1953. It’s hard to top a classic, but the lastest version does a pretty good job with all the special effects. The brain sucking aliens and their gnarly looking space ships look quite realistic, especially in HD. But, if you’re one who likes to stick with the classics, Byron Haskin’s version is frightening and beautiful in its own right, without all the killer HD effects.

Mars Attacks: This is an absurd comedy, but it is hilarious. With an all star cast including Annette Benning, Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Danny Devito, Pierce Brosnan, Martin Short, Jessica Parker and a young Natalie Portman, this movie isn’t one to miss. It’s directed by Tim Burton and it’s a great spoof of 1950’s low budget sci-fi movies. You’ll enjoy the slapstick humor and the rather funny looking aliens.

The Day The Earth Stood Still: Again, you’ve got the classic 1951 version directed by Robert Wise, and then there’s the remake starring Keanu Reeves as Klaatu, the Earth bound alien, and Jennifer Connelly as the scientist who tries to save him and Earth. The remake had its moments, the effects are pretty compelling especially on a huge flat screen HD TV, and Reeves is convincing as an alien, however, many would probably say the movie lacked in many ways. Robert Wise’s original was much more gripping, despite its old school fx.

Independence Day: This is the ultimate alien invasion movie. There are explosions. And then there are more explosions. The Empire State building is blown to smithereens and all of Manhattan is engulfed by a raging fire ball. The Whitehouse is subsequently destroyed and all havoc breaks out as the aliens seek to destroy the entire Earth. Luckily, Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum save the day with their quips and guns. Watch this movie in high definition-all that fire power needs to be seen in crystal clear def.

Predator: Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger before he decided to take care of illegal aliens in California, this movie sees the governator kicking some nasty alien hide. The predator in this movie has some excellent tricks up his sleeve, including the ability to turn invisible and he sports some killer rasta style dreads. This one will definitely give you the chills.

Signs: This is another M. Night Shyamalan classic. It doesn’t depend on explosions and incredible FX to get under your skin. It’s well crafted and definitely creepy. The execution of the storyline and its tie in with the title of the movie was handled expertly. The subtle details in this movie make it well worth the watch. This is a great alien film on many fronts.

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