Ideas for a Baby Shower Theme

Ideas for a Baby Shower Theme

There are people who prepare not to select a theme when they prepare for a baby shower. However, having a baby shower theme makes the celebration more organized.

When you have chosen a theme, you can easily think about what decoration you are going to use for your desired theme. Without a theme, you are likely to pick several items that you feel will look good, combine these, and get an unorganized look.

Selecting and preparing a baby shower theme is not a difficult task. Here are some suggestions to give you an idea on how to create a theme for your baby shower.

Teddy Bears

Since the teddy bear is one of the first toys the child will own, it is nice to have a teddy bear theme. You can use medium-sized teddy bears to design the baby shower party area. It is not necessary to buy the teddy bears; you can borrow these from friends and family members. Also, you can purchase small teddy bears as party favors to give to your guests.


Stars symbolize dreams. “A star is born,” they say. You can decorate the place with stars hanging from thin strings. You can also design the walls and the ceiling with stars and heavenly bodies. The program may also include wishes for the baby on how he or she will be a bright star.


This is the basic need of the newborn baby. The baby shower organizer can decorate the area with diapers, especially those with cute colors and designs. You can even prepare a diaper cake by neatly stacking the diapers together.

The organizer can also ask the guests to bring diapers as gifts. A better idea would be to have a raffle for a special prize in which the raffle entry will be a diaper. This will help the guests since they wouldn’t have to think on what gift to buy. It also helps the parents a lot, since they will have a supply of diapers for several months.


Baby and kid books are good gifts for the baby. With a collection of baby books, the parents can have a small library for the baby.

The decorations can be anything related to books. You can place books on the table, or design the walls with books. You can even have a book-shaped cake and cookies.

Noah’s Ark

This is a good idea if the parents are expecting twins. The guests will be requested to bring a pair of gifts for the babies. Pairs of stuffed animals may be used to decorate the place.


Everyone wants the new baby to feel like a prince or a princess. You can adorn the place with fairy tale concepts pertaining to royalty. You can create miniature towers and castles, a garden and shining stuff fit for a royalty.


This is a good option if you will be having the baby shower in the garden. You can enhance the garden surroundings to make it look like the home of fairies. You can include vines, arches, bees and butterflies, as well as small fairy-like decorations to create a fairy garden.


You can choose a storybook or cartoon character as a theme. How about a superhero? There are lots of options, and once you have selected one, you can think about what items the character is associated with that you can use for the party.

With these simple ideas, you can conceptualize a special baby shower theme that will be remembered by the parents and the guests.