Movie Review – Couples Retreat (2009)

I took a few hours this evening to watch a movie that someone recommended to me, Couples Retreat, staring Vince Vaughn and Kristen Bell. Some of the reviews I read when the movie came out turned me off of the movie, but, after watching it tonight, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the reviews I read were a little misguided.

This is a good movie and I laughed through a lot of it. Granted, the story is a little stale and predictable, but what do you expect? The main purpose of the film is to make you laugh, and that I did.

My favorite part of the movie was when Vince was swimming in the ocean, supposedly doing a fish feeding exercise (not sure what this has to do with couples therapy – but I think most of that stuff is crap anyway), and sharks start showing up. I won’t spoil it for you, but I will say I was “lmao.” The bit about Vince being the creator of the guitar hero video game was – well – lame. But, I’m a big fan of product placement, so I think it can slide.

In the end, even though it could be considered a little trite, and the story a little two dimensional, Couples Retreat did a great job of letting me tune in and tune out for a few hours. Try it. Especially if your marriage is on the rocks. After watching this movie, now I want to go to the islands. To the east side though, not the west.

Oh, and Ken Jeong is in the movie as a therapist. I love that guy on Community as Senior Cheng. He makes me want to be a community college teacher.

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