The Role of a Film Society in Australia

Dorian Whitmore

Film has managed to gain an impressive role in the modern society. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that movies have the power to change perspective, to tackle with delicate problems and to draw attention upon real problems in society that need a solution. Of course, films have the power to entertain the audience, to make it lose contact with reality and completely allow the action on the screen to take control. When thinking about movies, you automatically think of Hollywood, about the United States of America, because this is where the core of the industry can be found. However, in the last few years, other parts of the world have started to grow and get noticed in the film industry. Australia is a valid example in this regard, a country in which film and all that is related to it have started to make an impression on other audiences rather than the local one.

Considering the competition on the international market, it is rather difficult to make it without a few tools. Australia film makers have quickly identified the need for a film society. It cannot be denied that the importance of a film society in Australia is rather high, as it would be anywhere else in the world. However, when mentioning Australia, you see more than film producers and independent projects that could be appreciated by film critics, you see actors, you see impressive landscapes that can be used in plenty of other foreign productions, you see a different culture. Basically, you see all the reasons for an appropriate development and growth of the Australian film industry. Starting a film society in this country could only facilitate this market, make Australia an important point on the film map of the world. Of course that before you begin to wonder how to it is possible to create an association of this kind, you might want to read several reasons for which Australia deserves film societies more than other places in the world. First of all, a society of tis kind can promote the work performed by local producers within the Australian territory, as well as world-wide.

Apparently, this industry has started to take shape. A great example in this regard is the AFTRS Bachelor of Arts, institution which in hosting important project in 2015, set to train interested individuals to perform various activities in the film industry. A film society is responsible with the spreading of news. Moreover, in Australia, just like in other parts of the world, film festivals are held. The Perth International Arts Festival is a great example in this regard. Some film societies only promote these events, others go as far as to host them. Actors that you know these days, that are highly popular and recognized as important names in the international film industry were promoted by dedicated film societies. Each country has something personal, something defining. Australia will surely stand out in a crowd due to its landscape, due to its wilderness and most importantly, its culture which has a bit of that English charm that people love so much. Surely, the Australian film industry has not reached its peek.

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